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The three healthiest ways to lose weight

When it comes to weight loss, it is more than fair to say that there is a world of advice, tips, tricks, and even scams out there that all claim to have the best results and the healthiest impact on your body. It can be overwhelming to sift through them all to work out which are genuine and which offer fancy distractions from reality. Not every weight loss trend is genuine, and it sometimes takes a process of trial and error to figure that out. Ultimately, however, the healthiest ways to lose weight are the original ways – originals are renowned for a reason. And weight loss is one instance where the originals are the perfect approaches to healthy process and maintenance.

At the end of the day, it is all about being your healthiest self, in the healthiest ways possible. So, what are the healthiest ways to lose weight? Where do you start, and how do you maintain it as life continues around you and life gets busier and busier? Ultimately, you can narrow it down to three key practices. These are the three healthiest ways to lose weight – and the ways that have been trialled and tested, proven to work time and again.

It starts with your diet

Your diet has the most impact of any habit out there when it comes to losing and keeping off weight. If you fuel your body with the right foods and fluids, then you give your body the best chance possible to function and thrive at its peak, as well as essentially providing your body with the tools it needs to flourish and thrive on your weight loss journey. Switching out soft drinks for soda water, and chips for vegetable slices might seem like small changes, but they often snowball into larger healthy dietary choices, creating a much healthier diet.

It continues with organisation

Now, it goes without saying that eating healthy is sometimes easier said than done. The modern individual is busier than ever, so it helps to have some help in the diet area. Investing in a meal delivery to help weight loss is an incredibly effective way to lose weight. One of the biggest traps people fall into with their diet is time management. When life gets busy, it is easy to fall into old habits and grab the easiest (and often unhealthy) snack or dinner available. If you either meal prep yourself or invest in a meal prep service, you have your most convenient options right in front of you – and they are the healthiest options too.

And it peaks with determination

The recommended amount of exercise per day is 30 minutes. That is literally it; 30 minutes and you are giving your body a healthy movement routine that helps you to lose weight. Your exercise routine also has a drastic impact on your weight loss journey. In addition to cardio, you should be incorporating weight training into your exercise routine as well. Weight training is fantastic because it allows you to flex and work muscles that ordinarily do not get a work out, while additionally helping you to sculpt your body shape to your personal ideal form. Taking on sports or going on hikes through nature are also great ways to get your daily dose of exercise, and it all does wonders for your weight loss – and maintenance – journey.

The complex relationship between addiction and overall health

Over the years, we have come to a much deeper level of understanding on many aspects of health, each new discovery and exploration providing us with more awareness and information all the time. There are still, even now, many avenues in and surrounding health that are still greatly misunderstood, one of them being addiction. We all know that the links between addiction and health are abundantly and undeniably clear, but the relationship between the two is what is more complex, and that is what is unique to each individual circumstance. Unpacking it all can take quite a lot of energy and time, but it is important to do so.

Addiction comes in many different shapes and sizes

There are many different faces of addiction. Sometimes, it is an addiction to sex, which should be carefully assessed, especially if it’s beginning to interfere with your life. Regardless, same day STD testing is available to those who engage in risky behavior such as not wearing protection.

For others, it is alcohol or drugs. There are many, many more forms of addiction. One could even argue that addiction has countless faces, all of which are unique in and of themselves. Regardless of which shape addiction takes, however, the point remains the same: addiction is a brutal disease, and it can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Understanding addiction and how to combat it and help others battle it themselves is becoming more and more necessary all the time.

Addiction has a clear impact on health, but differs case by case

While the overall effects of addiction are literally the same physically in all affected individuals, it is the mental impact of addiction that has a different hold on each affected individual. Mental health is a highly individual component of overall health, just as physical health is. The key difference between the two aspects of overall health, however, is that addiction and its impact on the body is entirely literal, while the impact on mental health is literal in a more fluid way, if that makes sense.

Put it like this: one individual affected by drug abuse thinks one way, but another thinks entirely differently. So, their mental health is impacted differently when they experience addiction. That is not to say that they are not just as affected as one another, but rather that there is a much broader spectrum of how people experience and deal with addiction, than how their bodies physically handle the experience.

Addiction is treatable, but must be approached differently all the time

It is true that addiction is highly treatable, but the road to recovery differs for each individual. So, the approach to treatment must be bridged differently each time. The sharp approach that worked for one person will only drive the next affected individual further into their state of inner chaos. All in all, to find their way to a healthier state of mind, individuals affected by addiction must be willing and able to go in search of treatment. That is step one. If they are not ready to receive the assistance they need, they may very likely bounce back into their addiction. So, start there, and find a supportive environment that can help to tap into one’s own experience with addiction, and help them find their way out of the chaos.