This blog contains student research from the UBC course on German Representations of the Holocaust (GERM 426) in German literature and film taught by Dr. Uma Kumar in the CENES Department at the University of British Columbia.

The focus is on the victims: the Jewish people as well as the lesser known other victims of the Holocaust. They were, among others, political opponents, gay men and women, Sinti & Roma, Jehovah’s witnesses, and Soviet Prisoners of War.

As part of an assignment on “The Significance of Artefacts in the Understanding of the Holocaust” students wrote articles to see how artefacts bear witness to the Holocaust. (Academic year 2019-2020)

During the academic year 2020/21 students wrote a Research Paper on Survivors of the Holocaust @UBC – Life & Work. The objective was to compile the life and works of these survivors who are associated with UBC.

During the academic year 2021/2022 students wrote a research paper on the life, work, and legacy of one or more Holocaust survivors who moved to Vancouver and lived here after Liberation.