These essays and articles were written for an in-class assignment on Survivors of the Holocaust from Vancouver – Life & Work. They evaluate the legacy and discuss the writings and memoirs of Survivors of the Holocaust. They include Anna Helen Mahler Askanazy, Alex Buckman, Marion Cassirer, René Goldman, Louise Sorensen-Stine, Serge Vanry and Robbie Waisman. Students had access to a collection of memoirs and other writings by Holocaust survivors (some of which have not yet been published) through the digital collections, library, and archives (listed below under sources) at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.

I wish to thank the Vancouver Holocaust Education Center (VHEC) for allowing us to use their collections and digital archives for research purposes. My special thanks to the students from GERM 426 who agreed to share their research and Shyla Seller, archivist and Shanon LaBelle, Librarian at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (VHEC) for making unpublished materials available to us for research purposes. I also wish to thank the UBC Library for making available the material required for the course on Library Course Online Reserves (LOCR). Thanks to Keith Bunnell, Reference and Collections Librarian, Humanities & Social Sciences Division at Koerner Library for his support. Special thanks to Braden Russell, PhD student at CENES, UBC for his support with the project.