Workshops Facilitated


In my educational developer role at CTLT, I have had the pleasure to facilitate a number of workshops. These include:

  • Presentation Skills Workshop for Graduate Students: a 2-day workshop geared at enhancing presentation skills. Link to CTLT webpage.
    Co-facilitated with Jason McAllistair (October 14 & 15, 2012)
  • Developing Your Skills as Peer Reviewer: a four-hour experiential workshop to help individual gain skills and knowledge applicable in peer review of teaching situations.
    Co-facilitated with Janice Johnson. Workshop delivered multiple times in 2010-2012, including at UBC, University of Northern BC and Douglas College. (Also Co-facilitated with Gary Poole in August 2012)
  • Giving Effective Workshop to PharmD Preceptors: Workshop geared to help feedback communication between PharmD students and their preceptors.
    Co-facilitated with Gary Poole (Workshop offered twice per year since 2009)
  • TA Mentorship: a full day workshop for graduate students who are coordinating TA (teaching) mentorship programs in their departments and mentoring graduate students on teaching.
    Co-facilitated with Joseph Topornycky. (Workshop offered twice in August 2011 and again in September 2012).
  • Peer Coaching for Graduate Students: a half day workshop for graduate students interested in building their skills as peer coaches.
    Co-facilitated with Sarah Moore (Workshop offered in August, 2011).
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques: a 2-hour workshop on Classroom Assessment Techniques offered as part of the Graduate Student Refresher Series.
    Co-facilitated with Jennifer Moule (September 8, 2011) and with Jason McAllistair (September 7, 2012)
  • Instructional Skills Workshops (see here)
  • Reflecting on Feedback on your Teaching: a 3-hour workshop on the use of reflection and feedback to improve teaching.
    Co-facilitated with Alison Stewart, as part of the TAG Year End Series (April, 17, 2010).

  • Portfolio Workshops: between 2004 and 2009, I co-facilitated a large number of workshops on teaching portfolio.  Topics ranged from “how-to” seminars to help people use technology to build their own portfolios to the use of reflection in portfolios.

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