ISWs Facilitated

This document lists the ISWs I have co-facilitated and events I have been involved in facilitating and/or coordinating as part of my involvement in the ISW network.

ISWs co-facilitated

The following is a list of Instructional Skills Workshop and Presentation Skills Workshops that I have facilitated. 

  • 2014 October 19, 25 and 26. Co-facilitated with Ozlem Deniz (Graduate Student ISW)
  • 2012 October 14 & 15. Co-facilitated the Presentation Skills Workshop with Jason McAllistair (Graduate Student PSW)
  • 2012 July 17, 18, 19. Co-facilitated with Ellen Rosenberg (Faculty ISW)
  • 2010 April 20, 22, 27 & 29. Co-facilitated with Tim Came (Graduate Student ISW).
  • 2009, September 6, 12, 13. Co-facilitated with Heidi Ravenel (Graduate Student ISW)
  • 2009, April 16-18. Co-facilitated with Jim Sibley, Jackie Stewart and Allen Stevens (Faculty ISW)
  • 2007, December 14-16. Janice Johnson invited me to co-facilitate an ISW for the Canadian Avalanche Association (Revelstoke, BC) 
  • 2007, November 16-18. Janice Johnson invited me to facilitate an ISW for the Canadian Avalanche Association (Vancouver, BC) 
  • 2006, August 28-30. Co-facilitated with Suzanna Huebsch and Jackie Stewart (who shadowed me as part of her training to become a Faculty ISW facilitator).
  • 2006, January. Co-facilitated with Ingrid Price. 
  • 2005, September. I shadowed an experienced trainer, Alice Cassidy, in order to complete my ISW-facilitator training; facilitators for this Faculty ISW were Michael Fedeles and Alice Cassidy.

ISW-connected events I have facilitated and/or helped to coordinate and organize

  • ISW Joint Professional Development Day (December 3, 2008) (Organizing team: Desi Mou, Jen Jasper, Joe, Judy Chan, Isabeau Iqbal) 
  • ISW Joint Professional Development Day (May 17, 2006) Jennifer Jasper and I co-organized this day…many wonderful people facilitated sessions. 
  • As part of my work at TAG, I co-coordinated (with Alice Cassidy) the Faculty ISWs. As part of that role, I coordinated the facilitator schedule and helped plan professional development activities for facilitators. I had this role for approximately 1 year, ending in the fall 2007 when I started my doctoral studies.