In this section of my site, I post some of the workshop materials and resources I’ve created with colleagues so you may adapt them for your purposes.

Unless otherwise indicated, all work is Creative Commons Licensed as Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike.

I update this section of my website irregularly. However, I often share resources and materials through my Twitter account or via LinkedIn. I welcome you to connect with me through those platforms.

Resources (themes)


Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership Myths – A short document outlining myths and the (counter) ‘truth’.

Educational Leadership Session at 2017 POD Network Conference Session (with Drs. Simon Bates & Simon Albon) – resources.

Simon Bates (@simonbates), Simon Albon and I offered a session titled “Using Your Teaching Portfolio to Showcase Your Educational Leadership” in 2016. All resources are open source and available here:

Facilitative Teaching

  • Lesson plan, slides, and handouts for a short session that my colleague, Lucas Wright, and I facilitated on “Facilitative Teaching” (i.e., using facilitation skills in teaching in post-secondary)

Learning Objectives to Foster Student Learning

Lesson plan and Google slides for introductory session on learning objectives. Use/modify this resource is you are looking for a facilitation plan for a 55 minute workshop on the topic of learning objectives.

Mastermind Groups in Higher Education

I have co-facilitated two different mastermind groups in higher education and have been a part of many more than that. Here are some blog posts with linked resources on the topic:

Starting a mastermind group (an introduction to these groups)

6 tips for starting a mastermind group in higher education

Peer Review of Teaching

  • Videos for building skill and capacity in peer review of teaching can be found on the CTLT Youtube Peer Review playlist here.
  • Teaching in Higher Education Podcast interview (Drs. Bonni Stachowiak and Isabeau Iqbal)
  • Public talk at Simon Fraser University (2018): (1 hour recording); download the presentation handout here.
  • CTLT resources (open sourced) – see process section of website

Questions to Foster Stronger Student Learning

In 2019, I co-facilitated a session on questioning techniques for the CTLT Summer Institute with John Pringle (faculty member at UBC Vantage College).  The resources are here and are all creative commons and available for use:

Significant Networks and Social Network Theory

Teamwork in Online Courses

With my colleagues Judy Chan and Jeff Miller, I designed and facilitated an online workshop titled “Making Teamwork Work in Online Courses”.