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Blackberry was once the king in qwerty keyboard cellphone market, but these years, with the development and expanding of touch screen smartphone,Blackberry has experienced decline.



Although Blackberry has touch screen smartphone itself, it still wants to keep its leadership in keyboard cellphone market. It introduced a new product named “passport”, which is perfectly square and targeting at business people. The BlackBerry claims that “passport” is the ideal device for reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web.


However, I don’t think this passport can save the unavoidable decline of keyboard cellphone. Blackberry said passport is perfect for viewing document, but judging from the picture, the numbers and words in that full-screen excel table will be too small to read. Also, the wide keyboard seems not so comforble for typing.


What’s more, the awkward position which Blackberry in is that, it wants to vitalize the keyboard market again and keep the old loyal customers, so it isn’t willing to give it up. But in fact, we can already see the truth that the trend of touch screen phone is irreversible. Because Blackberry knows if it doesn’t design touch screen phones, it won’t survive. Two kinds of cellphone of the same company will compete for the market share,which is not beneficial for the company.


All good things come to an end. There’s no company who can be the winner all the time. Nokia, Blackberry, even Apple in the future, will all just be legends in the history.





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