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Today is 11.11,Rememberance Day in Canada. Because the number 11.11 indicates always be alone, it’s regarded as the Singles’ Day in China. During these years, this day also has become Online Shopping Carnival. Being single had nothing to do with shopping online originally, but now shopping online in Double Eleven has become something necessary for most of the young single people, and, because of the good discount, it attracts customers of all ages. Double Eleven has already become the biggest national online shopping carnival.I have taken part in this event for few years and I almost look on it as a normal thing.However,When I browsed classmates’ blogs, Husan’s blog inspired me that I can use what I have learned to analyze the reason behind it.

11.11.2(11.11 Shopping Carnival)

last year, in Double Eleven,Tmall and Taobao(the biggest online shopping platform in china,belongs to Alibaba)recorded sales of $5.75 billion, while this year’s sale is even more amazing, $9.3 billion in only one day!

马云(Jack Ma,Chairman of the Board of Alibaba)


The reason behind this enthusiasm is, first of all, online retailers know about the consumer psychology very well. Being single makes many young people,the major consumers of online retailers, feel depressed more or less. Online retailers keep strengthening the relation between being single and shopping online and telling the young that being alone can’t stop them from enjoying life by shopping online. Also, shopping helps people feel relaxed and happy according to some scientific researches, helping them feel less depressed temporarily of being single.


Also, online retailers know about the trend of selling during every year. November was always sales-off season for online retailers because there are no big festivals in November like October 1(Chinese National Day) and Christmas. Actually after the whole October many consumers have need for shopping again and they want to buy clothes for the coming winter but Christmas hasn’t come yet. So it won’t be more attractive when “sale off 50%” shines on the webpage for customers. What’s more, near the end of one year, many sellers have a clearance. Because of all these reasons, Double Eleven becomes a hit.




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