Thank you and goodbye

The conference was a success and we would like to thank everyone who helped make it one. We would also like to thank all the attendees who showed up with such enthusiasm. Here are some pictures from the day of the conference:

Door prizes ready to be handed out. Thanks to Bonnie, Inti and Nadine for wrapping them so beautifully.



Decorations by Kathie Shoemaker. Lunchroom flair.

Kathie’s art is memorable.


Our wonderful MC, Margot Filipenko, before the event begins.


Kathie in action!

Kathie, Bonnie, Jane, Laura and Margot – ready to set up!

These were seriously awesome. I was tempted to take one home!

Aline Frederico, looking over her presentation before the panel began.

This is the last one, I think! But feast your eyes!

Laura and Kristy, Judi and Kathie and Janet’s back.

Russell Hirsch and Kathleen Forrester (thanks for the wonderful program, Kathleen! and Matthew)

According to Saeyong, these muffins fulfilled their muffin-duty by being delicious.

Margot in action.

And the audience is entranced.

The morning panels!

Yash and Kristy and a lovely attendee cheese for the camera.

We only get to see the back of Laura’s head but she’s definitely enjoying the conference!

Aline helping another presenter set up.


Dr. Phillip Serrato, our keynote speaker, giving his wonderful talk. I enjoyed it.

Allison Taylor-McBride talking about the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Canadian Picture Book Award.

Allison presenting the Cleaver award to Julie Morstad for her book How To.

Audience listening intently at a panel.

Waving hello at the camera person!

We only get to see the backs of Phillip Serrato and Inti but Inti worked really hard as the guardian angel for Dr. Serrato! Thank you, Inti!

Judi talking about the Russell-Grant Scholarship award.

Bonnie waiting with bated breath!

Judi presenting Bonnie Tulloch with the Russell-Grant scholarship certificate.

Clara Kumagai sharing an excerpt from her piece “Sadie.”




Things of Note: Registration and Address of Conference


We are less than 24 hours away from the conference and I realized that we probably should let you know the address of the building where the conference is going to be held.

Irving K. Barber Learning Center

1961 E. Mall
Vancouver, B.C

Google Maps


Registration at the Door!

We will be selling tickets at the door. Tickets will be $20.00/student and $40.00/professionals. We will be providing receipts at the conference.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Bake Sale!

We ran a bake sale at the Sarah Ellis colloquium on the 26th of February in the Dodson Room of the IBLC building to fundraise for the conference. The response was amazing and we met a lot of people who encouraged us and wished us luck with the conference. Thank you Kathleen (and her partner), Bonnie, Janet, Megan and Chris for baking some deelish goodies. Thanks Kathie for the amazing decorations and Judi for giving us the chance to do a bake sale. Thank you also to Yash for the awesome pictures you have taken (and which the world will be seeing following this)!

Kathie’s personalized decoration


More of Kathie’s amazing work!

Kathleen’s partner deserves an award for these cupcakes. They were delicious.


Credit goes to Kathie Shoemaker.


Chris and I cheesing it up for Yash.

An awesome picture of Chris, one of the co-chairs!