Working Papers

Zeman, Jesse and John Janmaat.  “Where’s the Meat? Exploring Changes in Game Management and Governance of value to British Columbia Resident Hunters.”  (2023).

Janmaat, John and Zabid Iqbal.  “Politics and Ecology: Maybe the Twain do Meet. A Hybrid Model of WTP for Local Environmental Projects.”  (2021).

Rahimova, Nargiz and John Janmaat and Joanne Taylor.  “Faming in a Fishbowl: Motivations Behind a Collective Riparian Restoration Project.”  (2021).

Janmaat, John and Julien Picault and Alex Cebry.  “Is Small Beautiful? Facing Challenges in the Assessment of Small Projects.”  (2021).

Janmaat, John and Lindsay Harris and Kenneth Carlaw and Mike Evans.  “Action Economics?  Working with Citizen Groups in Revelstoke, BC to Evaluate the Impact of a Living Wage.”  (2020).