I volunteered to host the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association (CREEA) meetings for 2024 at the Okanagan campus of UBC, and along with that committed to organize the CREEA Early Career Researcher (ECR) Workshop in 2023.

The papers being presented by the invited participants to the workshop follow, in the order that they will be presenting.  At this point, these papers are works in progress, and not suitable for citation or otherwise treated as a completed contribution to the literature.  In future, we hope they all are!

  1. Jay Hyun HEC Montreal
    Trade Policy Uncertainty, Offshoring, and the Environment: Evidence from US Manufacturing Establishments
  2. Leanne Cass London School of Economics
    The impact of weather shocks on exports
  3. Dana Ghandour Concordia University
    Environmental Cooperation and Trade – The Impact of Heterogeneity in Environmental Damages: An Endogenous Solution
  4. Jerico Fiestas Flores University of Alberta
    COVID-19 and Nature: Evidence from the Amazon Rainforest
  5. Myriam Gregoire-Zawilski Syracuse University
    Do Technology Standards Induce Innovation in Environmental Technologies When Coordination is Important?
  6. Ruoyu Chen University of Windsor
    Evaluating Power Sector Emissions under China’s Regional Carbon ETS Pilots: A View from Space
  7. Madeline Turland University of California Davis
    Climate Change and the Regulation of a Crashing Insurance Market
    (contact author:
  8. William Scott Stanford University
    Cost, innovation, and emissions leakage from overlapping climate policy in California
  9. Ekaterina Alekhanova Carleton University
    Summertime Sadness: Time Sensitivity of Electricity Savings from a Behavioral Nudge
  10. Jintao Fu University of Ottawa
    Environmental Regulation and Household Well-Being: Evidence from China’s War on Pollution