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It’s been so long since I last blogged! In my defense, it’s crunch time for all of my classes so I scarcely make time to feed myself! For example: I have a philosophy paper due Friday, an English draft due the following Monday, an anthropology portfolio due the next day, a history paper and the revised English paper due 4 days later, and an archaeology paper due that next day. Not to mention finals in a couple of weeks! I HATE MY LIFE.

Although I must say I’m doing WAY better in classes this semester than I was doing last semester. Or maybe it’s just because I have more confidence? Either way, I’m doing far better. Last week I almost cried when I found out I got an A- on my philosophy midterm (SCOOORE!), but of course then I got mad at myself a bit because after looking at the questions I got marked down on, I realized I HAD known the rest of the answers, but I had either blanked a bit or rushed myself because we only had 50 minutes. I don’t care who you are, 50 minutes is not enough time to write 7 decent short answers and an essay!

My non-academic life has also been spiffy! (Did I just use the word spiffy?) my sorority won Greek Week (booya!) a couple of weeks ago! VICTORY! I have very fond memories of the 7-legged We also had our Formal this past weekend, where I realized a new dream of mine: TO BECOME A DJ. I have about a million dreams though, so I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to accomplish this one. Oh and I’m not particularly proud of this, but in the space of two weeks I have not only watched the entire Ouran High School Host Club anime series, but I’ve also READ all 69 published chapters of the manga. TWO WEEKS. I don’t even know what to think of myself! Forget what I said earlier about academics ruling my life; apparently my mind has been at Ouran High. The main characters are all at the top of their classes though, so I have actually been inspired a few times to stop reading and get back to work. So loophole: it’s been good for me! baha

Lately I’ve also been stressing about my future, mainly my major and what I’m doing after graduation. I have this nagging idea that I should switch into the faculty of science and pursue astronomy (which I love), but I really want to graduate after four years, and switching and getting all the classes would be a major pain in the ass. But I’m also seriously considering applying for the school of Creative Writing, since another dream of mine (see previous paragraph) is to become a novelist. This one is the scarier option, because there’s only a very small chance I’d ever be able to support myself as a writer and I don’t want to wind up working as a toothbrush restocker at a dentist’s office.

Although that wouldn’t be that bad. I imagine I’d get free toothbrushes and toothpaste and stuff.

Anyway. So I’d like to go for the Creative Writing program, but then (dream alert) I’d also like to be a lawyer, so I don’t know how that could work out? Plus if I went with CR I don’t know if I could double major..not that I’d know what to double major in since right now my mind is floating around anthropology, English, and philosophy. I wish I could like quadruple major in four years, while simultaneously learning languages (I want to learn Italian and Japanese), and still have time for random fun classes (like the wine tasting class or an art class!), all of which would get me into a top law school!! And of course having a killer fashion sense and fabulous parties the whole time. Oh yeah and I’d have time to read/watch manga/anime, study abroad, and work as a skydiving instructor during the summer. A girl can dream.

Oh and the rest of the Blog Squad got together on Friday but I wasn’t theeere! 🙁 Although I was at Formal, so it’s not like I was sitting at home reading Ouran (ha!), but still. I should propose another get together just after classes end but before finals begin. STUDY DATE! We could rent out a room in Irving and put a sign on the door with a witty, catchy slogan that entices people to visit our websites and peek in the window, amazed at how scholarly we look with piles of books, crumpled papers, towers of coffee cups, wearing our glasses (we’ll all mysteriously require corrective lenses that day), and periodically having passionate discussions about the effects of GMOs on the suffering economies of the world (complete with pie graphs and utilization of white boards)!!!

^^My imagination astounds me. I need a vacation.


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