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I am not dead. Nor have I quit Blog Squad. Like Mary said in one of her posts, I hate to use the excuse of life, but it must be thrown out there. However, I have about an hour to breathe right now, so I’m going to try and be useful and give you a list of some of my study habits. Clearly you’re not me, but maybe some of my habits will help you out? Yes? Yes. Oh and I know that midterms are (for the most part) over, but it’s never too early to start mentally preparing oneself for finals.

What Jen Does To Successfully Study For A Test/Midterm/FINAL

1) I have a study shirt. It’s nothing lame like this

but it’s a shirt I wear when I study nonetheless. I’ve found that wearing it reminds me of past study-wins, and it inspires me to continue the trend.

2) Munchies! My personal favorites are toast w/peanut butter, sandwiches, and those little square caramels; anything that can be eaten without really looking at it. I’ve found that noodles are a big NO NO when studying; you have to pay attention otherwise the soup gets everywhere, it requires usage of a dominant hand (well for me at least..), and really you’re just eating sodium. But anyway, I usually keep munchies at hand when studying. I’ve also heard that it’s good to keep your snacks at least 10 feet away from you, that way you have to actually get up and get them (unless you have freakishly long arms, in which case you don’t really need to be in school and can make millions playing basketball or something), which gets the blood flowing and offers a brief respite from studying.

3) I have an epic playlist that I only listen to when studying. If you’re one of those people that needs to study in silence, just skip ahead to number 4. But hello fellow person that requires noise to study! I’ve found that listening to songs with words in them can get distracting; even if you don’t realize it, as you’re working on that super-long equation or scanning a page for a definition, you’ll slip and subconsciously sing right along with Katy Perry as she tells her guy to shut up and put his money where his mouth is. I personally prefer to listen to instrumentals and songs in languages I can’t understand, but maybe you can try listening to “sounds of nature” (haha..haven’t tried that yet..), or just put your music (with words) to a very low volume. As a side note, I dig anything by Schubert. Just sayin.

4) I don’t study on my bed. Ever! It just doesn’t work. I associate beds with chill-time and sleep, so every time I attempt to study there it fails miserably. My desk is a relatively better place to study, but I find that I get the most work done when I’m at the kitchen table. Point is, I wouldn’t recommend studying anywhere you do anything else, because then your mind will start to drift, resulting in an epic fail. Pick a “study place”, keep to it, and don’t let it become a “sleep place”, “Youtube place”, or “Facebook place”.

5) I try to use the same pens/pencils I used while studying, during the actual exam. I swear it’s happened where I’ll erase something in a test, and remember erasing something else with the same pencil, and that’s jogged my memory of the material. Brilliant.

and finally..

6) I sleep. I know it’s painfully easy to fall into the trap of doing marathon-bouts of studying with no sleep and those 5-hour energy drinks, but you really will retain so much more information if you sleep. Also, you’ll be so much happier overall. No one likes a grouch grouch.

Who says grouch grouch? wth.

Kay but anyway, those are my six little tips. I’m sure you’ve heard them elsewhere, but..well now you’ve heard them again. Happy studying!


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