About Me

I suppose this is where I write a brilliant autobiography riddled with wit and surprising facts, hence explaining how I came to be writing this blog. However, have you ever read a truly good autobiography? Didn’t think so. No matter the intent, autobiographies rarely come out with any more shine or finesse than an old shoe, so to avoid this curse I’ve decided to do something dorky: the ABC’s of Me!

A: Bugs me when people say “ATM MACHINE” or Pin number“.
B: I have two younger BROTHERS, Andrew and Matthew.
C: I named my CAT after Orlando Bloom.
D: I’m my parents’ only DAUGHTER.
E: My car is named after a best friend’s EX-BOYFRIEND. Weird I know.
F: The best part of waking up is FOLGERS in my cup.
G: I love watching the show “GREEK” .
H: It broke my HEART when Blink-182 “went on a break”, but it’s now HEALED BECAUSE THEY’RE BACK! <3
I: I’m an INTERNATIONAL student.
J: It annoys me how every other female on the planet is named JENNIFER.
K: I really like KIT KAT bars.
L: I’m from Southern California, not too far from LA.
M: My birthday is MARCH 5th, 1990.
N: NOBODY ever pronounces my last name correctly. I-all-uh!
O: I’m of the OPINION that Superman is better than Batman.
P: Not %100 sure, but %90 sure I’m becoming a PHILOSOPHY major.
Q: QUITE a bit (meaning alot) of my time is spent reading.
R: I often think of someday RUNNING for President (of the U.S.).
S: SPANISH was my first language.
T: I did THEATRE all through high school.
U: UBC was the last school I applied to.
V: I once tried to become a VEGETARIAN but couldn’t handle it.
W: I always attend WARPED TOUR.
X: The only X-RAYS I’ve ever had were on my teeth.
Y: I only use YELLOW highlighters.
Z: I love that song “Supernova Girl” from ZENON: Girl of the 21st Century.

There’s my (updated) alphabet! Please read my blog to find out about my adventures as a second year student at UBC! You may laugh, you may cry, you may shudder, you may even scream, but on my Honor As A Blogger, I will do my best to keep you from getting bored!

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