Ice cream is a solid emulsion and foam structure of a delicate mix of air bubbles, milk fat, sweeteners, nuts, fruits and other surprises.

Learning, like ice cream, changes its shapes and forms depending on the location, time and with whom you are sharing.


As an instructor of an introductory food science course (FNH 200 at UBC) for a diverse group of students from multiple disciplines, I feel responsible to create a safe, collaborative learning environment where students can support and learn from each other. Many of my students will likely take only one food science course in the course of their academic studies. I would like them to take away these big ideas:

  • Food is a complex chemical structure
  • Food deteriorates over time; sciences and technology help slow down the deterioration
  • Educated consumers have a choice to consume safe, nutritious and tasty foods

In this portfolio, I like to share with you my overall design of my FNH 200, learning activities I used (including those I used in the past and those I continue to use), and assessment strategies.




For more science on ice cream structure, click here.

Ice cream photographed by Lars Plougmann.

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