I am eager to engage in a formal, structured learning environment where I can build a solid understanding of curricula and pedagogical theories. I am considering either the UBC Faculty Certificate on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education or the Learning Educational Change program offered by Staff and Educational Development Association in the UK. I am committed to start one of these two programs in 2011.

I will have my first formative peer review in late February. Members of the Ad Hoc Peer Review of Teaching Committee, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, have agreed to review my course syllabus and assessment tools, and visit my classroom. I hope that the experience of the Committee will lead to the development of a formative peer review framework for the Faculty.

I like to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning in the near future. I have a few research questions related to my FNH 200 course and I like to explore how to proceed.




Teaching is a dynamic experience. Learning how to teach is a life-long learning commitment.



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