Problem-based Learning Courses

AGSC 350 Land, Food and Community II
Problem-based Learning Facilitator

I was involved in this course when it was offered for the first time in the Faculty. All 3rd year students in the faculty were required to take this 3-credit learner-centered, problem-based learning course. Students from multiple disciplines were carefully distributed into groups of 6 to 8 and they must work together to solve case problems and produce workable solutions and suggestions. As a PBL facilitator, my major role was to provide appropriate guidance so that the students could meet their learning objectives. My major challenge in this course was that I had to remain as a passive listener during the group discussion and allow the students to develop their teamworking and leadership skills while they tried to learn how to learn from each other.

FNH 313 Microorganisms in the Food Systems
Problem-based Learning Case Writing Assistant

I worked closely with the course instructor, Dr. B. J. Skura, to develop several cases for this 3rd year food microbiology course. Problem statements were carefully designed to stimulate thoughts and discussions. A tight working relationship with the facilitators was maintained in order to develop adequate facilitator’s notes to meet learning objectives. Students were asked to submit self-reports and peer reports to improve and enrich their interpersonal skills. In addition, group oral presentations and tradition written examinations were used as assessment tools in this course.


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