Outside the ‘Classrooms’


Institute of Food Technologies, Education Division
Judge for Undergraduate Technical Writing Competition

The goal of this competition is to evaluate students’ ability to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience. I have been serving as a judge of this competition since 2008 and have assisted in the development of a rubric for all judges to use.

Scientists and Innovators in Science, Science World

In 2007 and 2008, I visited five elementary school classes and introduced food science to elementary students. I guided the students (some were in Grade 1!) to conduct an apple browning experiment and they had lots of fun. Students and their teachers were generally excited to meet a scientist. The students were engaged and they were eager to learn. They asked lots of stimulating questions; answering the questions using languages they understood was a pleasant challenge. These classroom visits were an inspiring experience as it brought my research closer to everyone’s daily life.

Field Trips/Seminars for Graduate Students

When I was a graduate student, I tried to enhance the learning experience of my fellow graduate students by organizing field trips to different manufacturing facilities in the local area. We were able to witness what was happening in the industry and gained a deeper prospective. I also organized a guest seminar titled “An Overview of the Fundamentals of Flavours, Its Applications and Influence in the Market Place” which attracted many graduate and undergraduate students.

These informal learning opportunities were especially valuable to research graduates.  They reminded us of the relevance of our work to the society.  Results generated from our research had real impact in the industry.

Presentations to International Graduate Students

I was invited to present a seminar titled “Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant: Roles and Challenges” to a group of sixty international students in 2001.

Tours & Talks to the Community

I have also acted as a Graduate Student Ambassador for my Faculty, and offered many tours, discussions, exhibitions and demonstrations to high school students and their counsellors from the Lower Mainland. I have also presented to phenylketonuric patients, family members, and their care-givers at the Adult Metabolic Diseases Clinic of the Vancouver General Hospital.



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