What’s next Netflix?


In fellow classmate Peter Lee’s blog, he emphasizes that the expansion for Netflix into film production and distribution will be considered an extremely significant “pain killer” for customers as it alleviates the pain and inconvenience associated with watching films in theatre. He also mentions how movie theatres will be something of the past.

Truthfully speaking, I love attending movies and I’m sure a lot of people do too because why else would it be such a popular date spot? I love sharing a special moment with others in the theatre when something hilarious or heart wrenching happens during a movie.

However, as a broke university student, I find myself in the confines of my room binge-watching Netflix rather than spending a nice evening at the theatre. For less than ten dollars a month, I can watch unlimited movies. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?¬†Although I disagree with Peter’s “pain killer” argument, I do believe that movie theatres will soon be something of the past. With the ¬†increase dependency on technology, people have been used to the lack of real human interaction and therefore will not prioritize the movie theatre experience. In addition, with living standards constantly improving, the costs associated with attending a movie will rise as employees will have to be paid higher wages. Although Netflix prices will probably rise as well due to expansion, it will still be more reasonable to consumers as they get more BANG for their buck!

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