Walmart opens its first drive-through!

Earlier this week, Walmart launched its first drive-through grocery store in Bentonville, AK. With Walmart’s drive-through service, customers can order their groceries online anywhere from two hours to three weeks in advance. Customers can then pick up their groceries whenever they please without waiting in line (given that they notify Walmart within two hours of coming in)

Walmart’s drive-through changes the grocery shopping experience immensely. Shoppers are now free from the torture that is waiting in endless lines and dealing with less than enthusiastic cashiers.  One customer even described the trip as the “less painful shopping experience ever!”

Not only does this alter customer experience, it drastically effects the way Walmart functions. The company will be able to decrease various costs as they alter their processes. Since all shopping and transactions will be online, Walmart will no longer need cashiers and shelving workers, thus leaving hundreds unemployed. Instead, they will invest in efficient and easy to use online catalogues and safe online payment methods. Moreover, converting into more of a “warehouse setting” will allow Walmart to have a smaller amount of days of inventory. However, the impact of this will not be as great as Dell. In Walmart’s case, 4 days of inventory will not benefit them because of the vast amount of products they have and shorter delivery time when compared to Dell.


Walmart’s new drive-through system



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