Why do we need social enterprise?

” If  the United Nations was fully funded why would we need the Arc Initiative or social enterprise”?

Although the United Nations is continuously working towards ending poverty through their many efforts, it simply is not in enough. The problems faced in the world are too large to be dealt with by one corporation or individual alone. The issue of poverty has many aspects that cannot all be understood and addressed by a single corporation. With that being said, the simultaneous use of social enterprise and United Nations will help solve these problems better as where one fails to create a long term solution, another can find a sustainable method. For example, in a UBC news article, Arielle Uwonkunda spoke of how the simple solution of funding businesses did little to help Rwanda as individuals did not have the knowledge to sustain and develop the business. Instead she believed that the Arc Initiative would be able to provide individuals with knowledge that would be useful to development businesses and help improve the lives of Rwandan citizens.  Personally, I believe that initiatives and companies that find innovative ways to solve problems are of great value. It allows individuals and communities to gain useful information and work hark to improve their lives. It gives individuals the opportunity to create a sustainable life.

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