One-for-one. Homes for all!

In Class 15, we discussed Michael Porter’s thoughts regarding reinventing capitalism through shared value.  What immediately came to mine was World Housing, a real estate company that follows Tom Shoes’ one-for-one business model.  In short, the company provides quality homes for those living in landfill communities across the world for every home it sells. Thus far, World Housing has been able to provide 53 homes in Phnom Penh and plans to 30,000 people by 2020.

An average garbage dump community before being developed before World Housing construction


The aspect that attracted me to World Housing was the requirements that needed to be met in order to be gifted with a home. According to the World housing website, families must have parents working full time, students enrolled in school and must act as a role model to the community.  The guidelines imposed by World Housing ensures that the positive social impact is sustainable. By setting certain requirements, World Housing gives individuals the opportunity to improve their lives as they are required to maintain certain living standards. This motivates individuals to continue working hard rather than being unproductive and relying on World Housing to provided everything the families need. World Housing’s business model helps families improve their present life and their futures.

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