Say Goodbye to “I’m lovin’ it”

In my fellow classmate  Sahir Shivji’s blog he discusses the ineffectiveness of McDonald’s new ad campaign that is to launch in 2015. Sahir expresses his disapproval of this campaign by stating the slogan “Lovin’ Beats Hatin'” is based a current trend that will soon become irrelevant thus making the campaign irrelevant as well.


Although I appreciate McDonald’s effort to “spread happiness in the face of Internet hate,” I agree with Sahir in stating that the campaign shows McDonald’s Marketing department’s lack of effort. The company is jumping onto the bandwagon of the popular trend of saying no to “haters” in attempt to attract customers and increase sales as reports show that sales have dropped in Europe and the United States. In my opinion, this campaign will be ineffective as it has no relation to the McDonald’s brand and customer perception of the company.  McDonald’s is known for being fast, affordable and (somewhat) delicious which is why “I’m Lovin’ it” was a suitable slogan for the company. I mean, why wouldn’t you love food that is quick, cheap and delicious! “Lovin’ Beats Hatin,'” however has no relation to the company and is obviously a desperate (and lazy) attempt to increase sales. If McDonald’s wants to improve sales, it must come up with a fresh and innovative idea that reflects their company.

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