Lush: Fighting Against Animal-Testing

In early 2012, Lush, an ethical and anti-animal testing cosmetic company, launched a campaign to raise awareness of the cruelty of animal testing. As part of the campaign, Jacqueline Traide, 24 year old student, was subject to various animal testing practices in the window display of a Lush store in London, England. Some practices include being spooned food down her throat, clamping her mouth open and having her head shaved.

Lush’s window display was an extremely bold and brilliant marketing strategy. Although disturbing to watch, the demonstration allowed Lush to indirectly advertise its product. Most cosmetic companies, such as Clique, endorse their products directly, usually through commercials that show appealing celebrities using and recommending the products. Lush, however, took a more unconventional approach. By educating people on the cruelty of animal testing, Lush was able to put itself in a good light as it known to be a company that is strictly against animal testing. If consumers are able see the horror involved in the process of producing their cosmetics good, they are more likely to reconsider the products they use. This campaign bought forth more attention to Lush products without the company ever having to mention them.

Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street Video


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