Earnest Ice Cream: Seriously Good and Seriously Personal


With just a little over a year Vancouver’s local ice cream producer, Earnest Ice Cream, is preparing for the launch of their second location. Since their first store was opened in August 2013, the company continues to receive much recognition on social media sites, magazines and online news sites such as The Globe and Mail. Aside from their extremely delicious, hand made ice-cream, what makes Earnest Ice-cream so special and the line ups so long?

Before Earnest opened it’s first location, owners Benjamin Ernst & Erica Bernardi delivered jars of ice cream with hand written labels all across the city to costumers on their bicycles. By being directly involved with the delivery of the product and personalizing the labels, Ernst and Bernardi were able to establish valuable relationships with their customers and make their distribution channels personal. I trust that Earnest’s great success is due to their dedication to making their business model intimate. Even while planning their first store, Bernardi remained dedicated to personal customer service by stating that she wanted all the flavours to be explained by the staff instead of a glassed-in display because “having face-to-face interaction and seeing [customers] eyes light up is absolutely by far the best part…”


Owner’s Ernst and Bernardi






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