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Lately, I’ve been going through a lot. I’m sure everyone has. So many things are happening so quickly in life, that I’m not too sure how to face them head on. These ‘problems’ that I’m having are currently the most important thing to me, so exchange has been (unfortunately) pushed to the back of my mind, and this blog along with it.

But I think that it’s about time that I use this blog and start preparing myself for exchange – after all, I *am* leaving in 4 months!

So here’s a little bit about myself.

My name is Sonia, I’m a third year arts student majoring in Speech Sciences. I hope to be able to attend UBC’s School of Audiology and Speech Pathology after I graduate.


Why did I choose to go to Korea?

I think everyone knows about the Hallyu wave that originated from Korea a few years back. When I was still in high school, I was absolutely obsessed with the culture, music, and variety that hailed from Korea. This was my favourite group – Super Junior.

Although I’m not so obsessed with everything now, I’ve still been in to the Korean culture and language and haven’t let go of it since. Even at UBC, I took KORN 101 and 200 and learned to speak a bit of Korean so hopefully I won’t be completely lost when I arrive!

I’ve been to Korea once before. But I didn’t really get a chance to explore and I was still really young back then and didn’t know anything… but now I’m really excited about having the chance to go and discover things on my own!

Things that I need to think about before going to Korea (after reading other people’s blogs, I’ve realized that I really do have a lot to think about…)

– housing

– scholarships/loans

– things to buy

– courses

– visas (?)

Anything else I’m forgetting? Let me know. I’m not very experienced in this type of thing yet so I would appreciate all the help I could get.

Also, here is my dog – her name is Dolly, and we adopted her 4 years ago. She has an extreme underbite.


Until next time!

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