how to get to SK Global House from the airport

This post is highly needed (by me) because unfortunately.. the instructions provided by SK Global just don’t cut it. Some of the blog posts aren’t very helpful either. And although I know how to get to dorm now, others don’t – just in case anyone (somehow) finds my blog, here’s a helpful guide.

SK Global provides you with some instructions on how to get to dorm here. Unfortunately, they’re not that useful – it doesn’t tell you how to get to the dorm itself after getting off the bus.

Let’s start from the airport – get a bus ticket from the booth next to gate 4 or 9. I don’t have any pictures of the actual booth because I had to pay attention to everything while I was at the airport, but if you really can’t find it just ask the information booth.

Buy a ticket for bus number 6011, or the Seongbuk/Wolgye bus (when we got the tickets it only told us the number… and of course the sign didn’t have the bus numbers on it). It’s going to cost you 10 000KRW. Taking the subway is faster but do you really want to carry all your luggage around the subway and have to change lines?

The person at the bus ticket booth will tell you which gate to get onto the bus (it’ll also say on your ticket). The ride will take around 50 minutes to 1 hour.

There’s a stop for Yonsei University, and then a stop for Ewha Women’s University Back Gate. Get off at the back gate, as it’s significantly closer to the dorm than the stop at Yonsei. Yonsei and Ewha are literally right next to each other!

When you get off the bus, you’re going to realize you’re in a huge intersection. Cross to the side with the ‘stuff’ on it – the convenience stores, bakery, etc. You’re going to know which side because one side will literally look like a brick wall and the other side will have stores. While you’re waiting, make sure your luggage doesn’t fall into the traffic. Also look both ways before you cross, even if the crosswalk light is on – Korean drivers are crazy and you can easily get run over by a taxi or a moped any time. I would tell you the name of the restaurant, but the turnover in Korea is really fast so it’s just easier to say ‘stuff’.

Turn right and start walking! You’re going to need to walk 5-10 minutes to get to the dorm but it’ll seem way longer since you have luggage with you.

When you get to something that looks like this…

…you can turn left. Here’s another picture of what the buildings surrounding should look like.

Keep walking straight – there’s construction right now so this is what you should see.

And once you get closer…

…you’ll see that there are signs telling you how to get to SK Global House. It’s a straight walk from here.

Hoping that this blog post will be more helpful than all the other ones I’ve read so far!

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  1. Hi, thanks for the info! Do you know if it’s possible to take a cab straight to the entrance of the dorms? Or the closest the cab can get to is the bus stop? :O

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