taiwan eats: part 1

I ate a lot in Taiwan. Or, at least, what seems like a lot to me, since I’m not a very big eater. With all the yummy things in Taiwan to try, having a small stomach is probably one of the most unfortunate things that can happen. Thankfully I have someone to share everything with, meaning that I could try more things!

Egg Pudding @ Taipei Main Station (雞蛋布丁@幾分甜, 臺北火車站)


I wouldn’t even have known that something like this exists if Stef’s mom hadn’t told us about it while we were planning for Taiwan. It’s a vanilla flavoured pudding that’s actually inside the egg shell! I thought it tasted like creme brulee and it was super delicious. We ate this right at 10am, when the store opened – talk about a good breakfast ^_^ 70NTD for 2 puddings, money well spent!

Non-Spicy Taiwanese Style Beef Noodles in Soup @ Taipei City Mall (清湯牛肉麵 @ 台北地下街)


Taipei City Mall is one of a few underground mall that’s attached to Taipei Main Station. We walked through here at lunchtime and were lured in to try the beef noodles! I didn’t want spicy noodles so I just got clear broth, but Stef just got the normal one. The store wasn’t famous or anything, but the noodles were the type that I like – thick and chewy. The beef was also so much better than the ones you get back home! The only thing I would complain about is portion size, but it was still a delicious bowl of noodles.

Matcha Wheel Cake with Red Bean and Matcha Mochi Filling @ 108 Matcha Saro, Q-Square (抹茶大判燒 @ 一〇八抹茶茶廊, 京站時尚廣場)


Qsquare is another mall that’s attached to Taipei Main Station, this one above ground and more ‘modern’ than Taipei City Mall. I’ve had red bean wheel cakes back at home before, but nothing like this before. The mochi was squishy and delicious, and the cake was soft and warm. Much bigger than the ones I’ve eaten before as well! There are 4 flavours you can choose from there, 2 with normal cake and 2 with matcha cake, and then the different fillings; 40NTD for single filling, and 45NTD for double fillings.

Milk Tea Shaved Ice with Pearls @ Ice Monster (珍珠奶茶綿花甜 @ Ice Monster) 


Ice Monster is by far the most popular shaved ice store in Taipei. Their staff were super friendly and welcoming when we arrived, and they put out their products fast! Not sure if it was because we went at a downtime, but who would complain about their food arriving fast? We wanted to try either their mango shaved ice or the pearl milk tea shaved ice, but knowing that mangoes aren’t in season right now (I would know) we opted for the pearl milk tea one instead. It was a huge bowl of fluffy, milk tea flavoured shaved ice with milk pudding and pearls on the side. It wasn’t too sweet, which meant we could eat more! It was so big that we couldn’t finish it ._.

We then went off to our first night market after some sightseeing, but I’ll save that food for another post since I’m about to board the plane to Seoul. It hasn’t really set in that I’m going to Seoul to study yet (still) but I’m sure that it’ll hit me soon! Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to room with Stef, since that’s what we requested!

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