happy birthday vivian!

Vivian’s birthday just passed by!

So we went out for her birthday. Before that, though, since Claudia and I got off school earlier we went around Sinchon to find her a cake.

Vivian really likes Hello Kitty. We looked at Baskin Robbins, A Twosome Place, and Paris Baguette.. but no Hello Kitty cakes. The other cakes DID look quite nice, though – we had basically decided that we were going to buy her a cake from A Twosome Place.

And then I suggested to go inside Naatur Pop (another ice cream store, across from SPAO)…

… and we found Hello Kitty!

I think I used the most Korean here that I’ve used in the past 3 weeks. But we got our cake and everything was okay. We even managed to surprise Vivian with the cake after her KLI class πŸ˜›

And we went out to eat meat for dinner. I thought that Korean BBQ would be expensive, since meat in Korea is really expensive – but it was less expensive than I imagined. Wait until I find an all-you-can-eat place.

Then when we came back, we ate the cake (thank goodness it didn’t melt in Vivian’s fridge since it was a strawberry ice cream cake). Then, Vivian and Stef revealed the surprise they’d been hiding for 2 weeks…

… which was building the tiny Lego figurines. But what was special was that we each got the figurine that was on our KakaoTalk T-Money card! So I got the peach. Apeach! We had a building competition.

We could have gone out to club and drink on Vivian’s birthday. But we just stayed in dorm and spent time together. Not to say that going out to club and drink isn’t fun, but I just prefer doing other things besides having my head pound from the alcohol (I really can’t drink) and having Korean guys be all touchy with me at the club.

I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say here, but I think here are the main points:

1.I don’t really like to go out and party that much, which really sucks because of Korea’s drinking and partying culture

2.I like to stay home and spend time with people more than going out

3.I had a really good time building my Apeach and bonding with my friends

4.Happy Birthday Vivian!!!Β 

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