landing on my feet

After coming to Seoul, a lot of things have happened that I never thought would happen. Including bungee jumping off a 55m high tower!

Bungee jumping hasn’t really been something I’ve ever thought about. I know a lot of people will think ‘before I die I want to do this, and I want to do that’ but I’ve really never thought about anything like that before. But since I had the opportunity to do so, and I’m all the way in Korea too so… why not?

I’m really grateful to my friend Bianca for inviting me to go bungee jumping with her, and it allowed me to meet some new friends as well!

Originally we were going to go to another place to bungee jump, but after calling in the morning to confirm whether they were open or not, they said that we couldn’t bungee jump on that day, because it was a national holiday or something… so we decided to go to Nami Island instead. Which was good for me, since I had wanted to go to Nami Island originally but had settled with the fact that I wouldn’t have enough time to go.

Now I was in a bit of a conflict since the original bungee jump was supposed to be 45m high for 25 000KRW. But the one at Nami Island was 55m high for 40 000KRW! So because of the 15 000KRW difference, I didn’t really want to jump any more…

…but when we arrived we realized there was a package deal, in which we could do 2 activities for 45 000KRW. So I settled and said okay, even though it was quite a large amount for two simple activities.

The bungee line took a lot longer than I expected it to! We first got weighed and then we got our equipment put on, and then we slowly waited for the people in front of us to jump off.

I really hate the feeling you get in your stomach when you free fall.. it’s seriously really scary. But the rebound back up was fun!

The experience was good, the people there were really helpful and nice, and although 55m might not seem very high it was a good starting height for me since I had never bungee jumped before.

We went to have dalkgalbi (‎닭갈비) for lunch, since it’s famous in the area that we went to.

I originally wasn’t so excited about it because there’s a chain restaurant for it called Yoogane (유가네), and that one is really spicy. I can’t eat spicy food very well T.T But I was pleasantly surprised, since we ordered two – one normal one and one soy sauce one (non-spicy) and they were both non-spicy and pleasantly delicious!

We also got to do the fly fish ride, which I was quite excited about since I’d seen the people on Running Man do it before (I think Running Man has bungee jumped off of the Nami Island bungee jump too!)

It was really exhilarating to be pulled up into the air on the floaty~

After the water activities we decided to take the ferry to a walk on Nami Island. There’s a foreigner discount so make sure you bring some piece of ID to prove you’re a foreigner! Nami Island is really cute in that it makes itself seem like a whole different country.

It’s really peaceful to walk around there, and it’s a really good place to go with a significant other! You can even rent bikes there but it is a bit pricy.

I might be restating myself again, but I’m really glad that I went on this daytrip with friends that I made here – I felt like I got a lot done, and I got to experience a lot of new things. I don’t know very many people who have bungee jumped before, so I’m glad that I did it!

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