Response to “When Chucks Met the Dead”

I strongly agree with Catherine’s point on how customers can strongly identify with the brand Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars might be the most badass shoes in American history. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, & Dexter were determined by an informal official poll to 3 of the most badass and popular television shows, and rightly so!

To add on to this point, I believe that the strong fan following of the sneakers will not only create brand equity, but also create a customer lifetime value, improving the value of entire stream of sneaker purchases that customers make over their lifetime. This is a super creative and smart technique as Dexter and The Walking Dead are both shows which have massive fan followings. The more loyal the profitable customers and fans, the higher the firm’s equity will be.

Furthermore, this is likely to contribute to true friends, as there will be high profitability and long-term customers.

What struck me at most amazing is how the sneaker designs “exploded across the Internet, collecting Facebook likes and endless comments from readers wondering how they can get their hands on a pair of these amazing shoes.” This, to me, is testament to the enduring power of social media and how an extensive campaign need not be carried out if the product already has a very strong fan following. The product can sell itself.
I am looking forward to watching the television shows, and am sure to be absolutely smitten when I get my hands on these babies – if they are not already sold out!

Creepily glorious - what a work of art!

On the topic of Zombies...

More blood and gore, Dexter-style!


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