Response to Kiip: 1st Marketing Blog Assignment

I really appreciated reading Jessica Li’s post on Kiip’s style of value-based marketing.

I do agree that slogans such as “you should really be awarded for the effort you put into the games!!!” and “reach them when they win” do place Kiip as a cut above the rest in terms of interaction with customers. This is a clever link to social and personality psychology – in which users gain an earned sense of satisfaction after receiving Kiip rewards. I feel like this complements the concept of intrinsic motivation and lets customers know that they are valued, as their needs are specifically catered to. “Real rewards for virtual achievements” sums it up perfectly.

Kiip’s method of merging the mobile space, gaming space and personal space is admirable and caters to the lifestyle of many mobile customers.

My personal favourite video is the following one, developed by Epipheo Studios.

YouTube Preview Image

This advertisement embodies the spirit of Kiip – fun-loving, dynamic, user-friendly and customer-centred.




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