Monday Dec 4, 2017: Alison Myers

Power BI vs. Tableau (a totally biased review from a Tableau user)

Alison is a Research Analyst at UBC Sauder School of Business.  As part of her role, she is involved in a variety of data analytics and data visualization projects that require adopting different tools and techniques.  She writes:

“I have been recently exploring Power BI as an alternative data visualization tool and would like to share with the group. I’m happy for this to be more of a discussion than a presentation, so anyone with experience with either Tableau or (especially) Power BI please be prepared to chime in. In the comparison, I plan on:

1) Showing a quick demonstration of the two tools with a shared dataset

2) Highlighting some of the main functionality differences that I have noticed

3) Discussing which tool might better suit different needs

If anyone has a) any specific questions about functionality in either tool (ie. “can you build X”) please let me know and I will try to answer/bring that up for discussion.”

You can contact Alison via Email.