Competition Announcement: SSHRC Talent Award


Internal application deadline: Friday, February 4th, 2022
Please let us know about your intention of applying by Friday, January 21st, 2022


SSHRC Talent Award – Doctoral

The SSHRC Talent Award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual who, on April 1, 2022, holds a SSHRC doctoral or postdoctoral fellowship or scholarship. The Talent Award ($50,000 value) is given to an individual who maintains academic excellence, has a talent for research and knowledge mobilization, and has demonstrated clear potential to be a future leader within and/or outside the academic sector.

UBC can nominate one applicant to the national competition, from which one Talent Award will be awarded by SSHRC from the nominations submitted by Canadian universities.

The Talent Award may be taken up as a fellowship to fund the recipient’s doctoral or postdoctoral research over a one-year period, or may be used, within one year of receiving the award, as a grant to support research, knowledge mobilization or other research-related activities. At least 10 per cent of the award funds must be used to promote the recipient’s research achievements.

Eligibility: A nominee must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada at the time of nomination, must be an active social sciences and humanities researcher or student, and must hold a SSHRC doctoral or postdoctoral fellowship or scholarship on April 1, 2022.

Application Internal Deadline: Friday, February 4th, 2022.

Nomination Deadline: Complete nomination packages must be received by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) by 4:00 pm on Friday, 25 February 2022.  Graduate programs should set an internal application deadine for their applicants several weeks before this date to select nominees for which they will prepare the nomination package.

For nomination procedures, please consult the G+PS website (
The contact for this funding opportunity is Natalie Thorson (