TerreWEB Seminar: Salome Buglass (UBC Geography)


This week we are excited to have Salome Buglass, who will be talking this Thursday about “Science communication outreach and fund raising – sharing the crowdfunding campaign experience” Everyone is welcome!

  • When: This Thursday, February 13th
  • Where: Macmillan Building, Room 154
  • Time: 2:00-3:00pm (3:30 for scholars)
  • Note: There will be no live webinar this week

Seminar Abstract:
A growing number of academic researchers are turning to crowdfunding as a new channel for sourcing financial support for their research projects. The essence of crowdfunding is to get as many people interested in your project as possible and thus organically also serves as a science communication campaign. This seminar session will explore how in a world where research funding is decreasing while the need for science communication is growing, crowdfunding has emerged as a mechanism that could potentially kill two birds with one stone — by increasing publicity about current research projects whilst simultaneously attracting financial assistance. In this seminar session UBC master’s student Salome shares her crowdfunding experience, which she undertook to support her field trip in the Caribbean to study corals reef ecosystems.

Speaker Bio:
After graduating from University College London with a BSc in geography, Salome moved to Trinidad and Tobago to discover a part of her heritage. There she worked as a brand analyst in one of Trinidad’s largest full-service multimedia advertising agency.  Yet she always remained interested and involved in environmental activities, such as working with the local Environmental Film Festival and volunteering with Tobago’s  coral reef bio-monitoring and mapping project. By 2012, she found her way back into academia, and currently is in the second year of her research-based master’s degree course, supervised by Dr. Simon Donner at UBC’s Geography Department. It is no coincidence that her research is based on studying Tobago’s coral reef ecosystems. She is specifically interested in understanding how coral communities are changing as their habitat is continuously altered by marine pollution and climate change. Salome also has great interest in public outreach and contributing toward science communication with the aim of raising public interest and awareness about ongoing environmental issues.

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