Genomics and Feeding the Future


Genome Canada is seeking proposals for large-scale research projects that focus on the application of genomics in the agri-food and fisheries/aquaculture sectors to address challenges and opportunities related to global food safety, security and sustainable production, and thereby contribute to the Canadian bioeconomy and well-being of Canadians.

Applicants must demonstrate how their proposal holds a high potential for attaining concrete deliverables by the end of the funding period. Proposals that make a strong case that those deliverables will be subsequently translated into significant social and/or economic benefits within as short a time-frame as possible after the end of the project are particularly encouraged, taking into consideration what is reasonable for the different research areas in these sectors.

Visit the Genome BC website to learn more. Registrations must be received by Genome BC no later than August 11, 2014.

Further questions can be directed to:
Alison Dendoff
Coordinator, New Programs
Email:, Phone: 604-637-4381