Seminar: New Aquaculture and Hydroponic Technologies


Blue Planet Environmental is a Canadian water-technology start up that will be visiting UBC to demo their gas-infusion technologies and look for potential synergies and opportunities on campus. The company has two core technologies. The first is its HydroBloom product (also known as NBT) which has the capacity to deliver nano- and micro-sized bubbles into water quickly. This product is primarily used in laboratory settings, hydroponic greenhouses, irrigation wells, and water tank maintenance. Their second technology utilizes fine-bubbles that can be efficiently delivered to any depths in open water bodies. This product is the ‘h’-unit and is primarily used in pond remediation and aquaculture.

Friday, June 20, 2014
11 am – 12 pm
Agora, MacMillan Building Lower Level
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Henry Gordon-Smith, Director of Global Strategy, and Samantha Cohen, Field Engineer, will be visiting and demonstrating the two technologies as well as offer a brief presentation on their applications and the projects that they are involved in.