URGENT: Thesis registration for research students


Dear research students,

Please register for the thesis course.

There are still many of you who are NOT registered. If you have doubt about which course is the thesis course, please contact Lia.maria@ubc.ca.

Be reminded that students must register and pay fees year-round throughout their degree programs, including the time when they have finished courses and are working on their thesis. If not:

  • they will be put on financial hold
  • they cannot claim income tax benefits
  • payment of any awards may be interrupted

Students who have few or no courses at any time during their degree program may assume that they no longer have to pay fees. Graduate program fees are assessed on an annual basis (not a per-course basis), and are payable in three installments per year. These installments are still due whether the student is taking courses or not.

Students in thesis programs must register in the thesis course after they have finished their other courses and are working on their theses.