U-Pass BC is moving to the Compass Card


U-Pass BC is the Vancouver-wide transit pass for university students. U-Pass BC is linked to TransLink’s Compass Card, which is the reloadable electronic fare card for the bus, skytrain, and seabus.

1) Get a Compass Card starting August 16

Compass Cards are available starting August 16 from any UBC U-Pass BC machine location:

Already received a Compass Card from a U-Pass BC machine? You can use your existing card and follow the instructions in steps 2 and 3 below.

2) Link your Compass Card and U-Pass BC online

Once you have a Compass Card, you will need to link it to your U-Pass BC account to use it as a monthly transit pass:

  1. Visit translink.ca
  2. Request your U-Pass BC benefit for September (and subsequently for each month)
  3. Allow up to 24 hours for activation

It can take up to 24 hours for your U-Pass BC to load on to your Compass Card, so be sure to log in and request your benefit well in advance of September 1.

3) Start riding transit with Compass on September 1

Tap in and tap out every time you enter and exit a bus or station, including when you transfer.

Remember to request your U-Pass BC benefit online each month, on or after the 16th, to ride transit in the following month.

For more information about your U-Pass BC and the Compass Card please visit planning.ubc.ca/upass.