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Robb, Rahela, Justin, Peter, and Brian’s Media Project One: Visual Media Literacy

July 8th, 2014 · 1 Comment

For our “Media Project: One”, we  decided to experiment with using images to respond and represent an iconic and canonical English language poem: W.B. Yeats’ ” the Second Coming”. The process of creating this product is described in the below .pdf:

Media Project One – Visual Media Literacy

To view the film that we produced, please visit Youtube and leave a complimentary comment!

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  • TMD // Jul 16th 2014 at 10:45 am

    Dear Justin, 
Rahela and Robb

    Thanks very much for this creative adaptation of “The Second Coming.” As I mentioned in class, I found the opening frames compelling and reminiscent of Robert Kendall’s kinetic poem, “Faith” : . You’ll find kinetic poetry in a number of online publications. MIT has some examples posted (created using Scratch) here: . Adapting print poetry as kinetic poetry is a worthwhile project for students. It would be useful to articulate how you achieved this so others are aware of which applications they might use — if you have time, Justin, can you add a brief description as a comment below?

    The narrated image sequence was equally interesting and likely, as members of the group intimated, provided an rich opportunity for re-reading and re-interpreting the poem. Although I enjoyed it, I did find the kinetic poetry more compelling, which is likely so because I was not involved in the creation process. I think this differentiation (in terms of the effect of the work on writer/producer and reader/viewer) is worth exploring with students.

    The write-up is thoughtful and comprehensive. Thanks again for your excellent contribution!

    Best regards,


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