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Japan: How is it different?

With the recent collapses of major European economies and trouble brewing in the US, it is interesting to examine other countries and their points of difference. Here I will be looking at Japan. With reference to a BNN blog post, I will be outlining the structure of the Japan economy and how it differs from those in trouble.

The common theme within it’s structure is that it stands alone. Only 20% of the countries GDP comes from exportation of products and materials. This is a small percentage compared to that of China, the United States or Canada. When looking at department stores or malls in Japan it is noticed that an astonishing amount of their products are produced within the country. This brings me to my second point; they are more or less, self sufficient.

This point carries on when examining their debt. Although the country (like many others), has high debt, it is owned by the Japanese themselves instead of carrying debt that is borrowed from other country’s economies. The pressure from these external forces can be a factor causing of some of the collapses.

This idea of an internalist structure leads us back to the main idea that Japan is internally self sufficient and stands alone from the interconnected features of many other nation’s economies.



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