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Afghanistan Tim Hortons Scheduled to Close



CBC Business News covered the story of the Kandahar location of Tim Hortons serving military troops in Afghansitan. Now that Canadian troops are withdrawing from th area, Tim Hortons believes that it’s time has been served and the location is scheduled to close. This has been a very successful endeavor for the corporation, with all profits going to support the troops.

I think this wash a smart move for Tim Hortons as it boosted their brand image surrounding company morals and ethics. This is a move to support troops that it would be unlikely to see from Starbucks or The Coffee Bean in the United States. As a consumer, I appreciate what they are doing and this makes me more likely to buy their product. Although I may not be supporting the Troops with my own money, by buying a coffee from Tim Hortons and knowing what they are doing, it makes me feel good about myself.

I believe that it was a morally responsible and smart marketing strategy for Tim Hortons to run the Afghanistan location.

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