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A New Way to Reach Your Target Market?

Marketing Magazine discusses in its article the WelcomePack, a marketing tool aimed to new immigrants. WelcomePack Canada Inc. pairs with companies that are looking to brand their products to new residents. For example, a car company might include an offer for a large discount on their first vehicle. The incoming individuals will then receive the WelcomePack with around $1000 of promotional items and discount coupons.

Marketers are always looking for competitive and innovative ways to reach their target market. This is an example of an idea that is slowly gaining momentum and could become a very beneficial system for all parties involved; WelcomePack Canada, the immigrants and the marketers!

I believe that this idea is an ideal way to affirm brand image in the minds of incoming residents. These newcomers might have no pre conceived ideas about local brands and therefore they are very impressionable. By taking advantage of this niche target market, a brand with an exclusive deal might be able to secure business from hundreds of new residents.

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