Funding History


Funding Period


Funding Source Program Title Role Amount
2003- 2008 CIHR New Emerging Team (NET) Violence, Gender, and Health Program: The impact of child maltreatment on adolescent and adult health outcomes Collaborator $1,295,531
2001-2005 SSHRC, CIHR Society, Culture and Health II A longitudinal study of social context, cognition, risk-taking behaviour, and health outcomes Principal Investigator $498,000
1999-2002 SSHRC Institutional Aid to Small Universities Administrator NA
1998-2001 SSHRC Institutional SIG Administrator NA
1999 SSHRC Development Health Institute Design Grant Tier one participant NA
1987-1988 Medical Research Fund New Brunswick Pilot Projects Conditioned Immune Responses Principal Investigator $30,000
1983-1996* NSERC Operating Grant; Research Development Various: Drug associations and addiction, Operant Pavlovian interactions in drug-taking behaviour, Learning and drug effect Principal Investigator $255,000

* Voluntary grant lapse due to conflicts with administrative duties.