Research Assistants and Volunteers

Lindsey Wyse

Lindsey Wyse

Lindsey is a fourth-year psychology major in the Bachelor of Arts program. She is a dedicated student who transferred to UBCO from Okanagan College with a rehabilitation assistant diploma and a diploma in human kinetics. During her time at UBCO, she discovered her passion for the psychology field and aspires to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with the hopes of specializing in children & adolescents. When she is not studying, she enjoys exercising, skiing, and spending time with her family.


Sarah Sanders

Sarah is a third year psychology major and biology minor from New Zealand. She was originally studying nursing before starting her first year at University of British Columbia, as she began to be more interested in cognitive changes and developmental psychology in youth. Outside of school, Sarah enjoys to travel and try different types of food.


Maya Green

Maya is a third year Bachelors of Science student majoring in Psychology. She grew up in a small community called Winlaw, located in the West Kootenays. The areas prominent and alternative drug culture inspired her interests in plant based drugs, specifically cannabis, along with the attitudes and perceptions caused by, as well as, surrounding them. Maya plans to complete her Honours degree at UBCO and then continue on to a graduate program with the goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Her personal interests include being in nature, any kind of physical activity, and eating good food.


Brandy Lynch

Brandy is in the final year of her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She has many interests in Psychology, especially mental health. She has completed a directed study focusing on Anorexia Nervosa and is currently completing her Honours focusing on the impacts of flooding and forest fires during 2017-2018 on service providers in rural communities. To further her knowledge on mental health, she is volunteering with Dr. Krank’s lab to help understand substance use. Some of Brandy’s interests are dance, art, and reading.


Jennica Sedmak

Jennica is a fourth year psychology major born and raised in Kelowna. Her passion for psychology is prominent in many areas, especially mental health, brain injury, and mental disorders. She hopes to go on to complete a master’s degree in speech pathology. With her creative background, Jennica is working on some graphic designs for Dr. Krank’s lab, and also enjoys volunteering however she can. Jennica spends most of her time with her dog training him to do cool tricks, loves cooking, and you can find her staying up until crazy hours of the night working on new art.