Directed Studies Students

Ross St. George

Ross is a third-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts student at UBC Okanagan majoring in Psychology. His goal is to become a researcher-practitioner of substance use disorders. His academic vision is to obtain his Ph.D. in clinical psychology; he wants to research the causation of multi-generational substance use disorder and develop therapeutic techniques that prevent children from repeating their family’s dysfunctional patterns. Ross’ personal interests include travelling, napping at the beach, wrecking his body snowboarding, and reading non-academic books.

Haylie Gibb

Haylie is in her final year of her undergraduate degree in Psychology, but hopes to carry on her studies and complete her Masters of Social Work. Her primary interests are substance abuse and related behavioural disorders. In the future, Haylie hopes to work with women and families recovering from substance use, abuse, and other mental health challenges. In her spare time, you can catch her playing basketball, painting, or reading a good murder mystery.

Jade Cowan

Jade is in her final year of her Bachelor of Science degree with a major Psychology. Jade is currently completing an Aboriginal Undergraduate Research Mentorship focusing on identifying risk factors for substance use and abuse in the student population, and helping those at risk move toward healthier alternatives. Outside of school, Jade loves to read, watch movies (especially horror movies), travel, and weight lift. Shifting from her original focus of medical school, Jade’s next move is undecided. However, her exchange experience in Switzerland opened her eyes to the possibility of carrying her studies on overseas. In the meantime, she just wants to graduate, and travel.

Vicky Medeia

Vicky is in her last year of her undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Sciences majoring in Psychology. She is an international student from Mexico City, Mexico. She wants to carry on her studies by doing a masters in Education and Developmental Psychology, in hopes to later on become a teacher. She wants to apply everything she had the privilege to learn to help expand education in her home and provide a better opportunity for everyone. Some of Vicky’s interests include playing the ukulele, drawing/painting, watching scary movies with her friends and napping (she knows the best places to nap on campus).

Jessika Furbank

Jessika is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in psychology. She is currently interested in working with techniques scaled toward risk prevention and methods to understanding drug use. After graduation, Jessika intends to travel before continuing onto grad school and working towards my next degree.

Isabella Panagos

Isabella is a fourth year Psychology student at UBCO. After graduation she hopes to purse further studies in Clinical Psychology. She takes great interest in the areas of substance use and addiction, as well as mental health and well being in young adolescence. She is currently working on a directed studies project and is looking at the changes in the cognitions of youth before and after cannabis legalization. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and travelling.

Clerissa Copeland

Clerissa is from Calgary Alberta and is in the fourth year of her undergraduate degree majoring in Psychology and Biology. After graduation she hopes to pursue a graduate program in either Neuroscience or Neuropsychology. She is currently completing a directed studies on youth opinions of cannabis legalization and if legalization has changed opinions of cannabis. In her spare time she enjoys engaging in research, volunteering at various research labs on campus and the Vernon Family Resource Center, tutoring, hiking, rock climbing, and just getting outside.

Kyle Potter

Kyle is a third year student pursuing his honours degree in Psychology. He completed his first two years studying at the Okanagan College before transferring over to UBCO. He is interested in the origins of and variation in human moral reasoning on the basis of innate, modular foundations. If he is not studying or writing papers you can find him sitting in front of a waterfall unwinding to the sounds of nature.

Donelle Pavey

Donelle has graduated with her bachelor of arts degree in psychology and is currently enrolled as an unclassified student. She will be taking a few classes, volunteering in the lab, and researching the impact that exposure to vape advertisements has on adolescent vaping patterns. She plans to continue her education and attend grad school to work towards a PhD in clinical child psychology. In her spare time she loves to hike mountains with her husky, hammock under the trees with family and friends, or lounge at the beach in the sun with good music and good food.

Helen Hofer

Helen is originally from Manitoba and moved to the beautiful Okanagan in 2000. She decided to pursue her University degree after working with The Ministry of Children and Families as a foster parent for many years. Helen plans to complete a Masters in Social Work and is currently working on a directed studies project on youth perception of accessibility for marijuana, alcohol and other drugs. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, music, cooking, snowboarding, traveling, being outdoors and learning.
Sherry Hanna

Sherry lived in various parts of the western provinces before settling in the Okanagan with her own family in 2006. She is currently in the 5th year of her schooling career, working towards a bachelor’s of science degree with honours in Psychology. Sherry is an avid learner and devotes much of her time to the pursuit of knowledge. She has completed two directed studies on adolescent substance use prevention and intends to pursue graduate studies so she can continue her research in drugs and substance use. Her greatest out-of-school passion is spending time with her family playing in the Okanagan’s endless outdoor playground (hiking, biking, swimming, boating, camping, snowshoeing)

Cassy Lukey

Cassy is a fourth year psychology major and hopes to continue her education after her graduation in counselling psychology with a focus on children and adolescents. She is passionate about the crossroads between substance use and mental health research and education, and is excited to pursue this path further after her graduation. In her spare time, Cassy loves to read, write, paint and plans to get involved in local theatre productions again after her final semester of her undergraduate degree.

Connie Ku

Connie has a BSc in Biology and Psychology, currently works as a social worker for JHSCO, and has her own pet service business. Connie is conducting research on the perceived risks of cannabis and alcohol on the under-aged population. In the future, Connie hopes to go to medical school and become a surgeon. Outside of school, she is an avid traveller and has a passion for fitness.

Camille Roney

Camille is a fourth-year Bachelor of Sciences student majoring in Psychology. She has contributed towards community health research through both the UBCO and in community hospital data collection. She enjoys volunteering through the local hospice society, various community health website development, and founded the Animal Abuse Defence Registry. She enjoys spending time with her family and dog Maggie.