Students in the Cognition and Substance Use Lab come from diverse backgrounds with shared interests in cognition, learning, memory, health, and substance use/abuse. The lab welcomes direct studies students, honours students, graduate students and volunteers. Please explore the student profiles using the drop down menu.

Student Supervision

Dr. Krank’s student supervision includes graduate students and senior undergraduates. He currently supervises one graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program. In addition, he supervises one Honours student in psychology and oversees various research assistants and lab volunteers. All are actively involved in his research program. He also works with students at other universities. Through collaborative arrangements he has been actively involved with three Ph.D. and one Masters Students who attend York University.

Dr. Krank’s role includes active research collaboration, academic guidance and student financial support. He has supervised 14 honours thesis students in his career. Of these 4 now have Ph.D.s, 2 have MDs, and 8 have Masters degrees and one is currently completing her Ph.D. In addition, he frequently supervise directed studies projects and summer student projects through undergraduate fellowships, work-study grants, and research assistantships. He has employed, trained, and supervised over 20 undergraduate students in the past three years in connection with the PATH project funded by SSHRC and CIHR.

Dr. Krank will be considering applications for directed studies students and honours students for the upcoming year, but will not be accepting graduate students. 

The Cognition and Substance Use Lab is always looking for volunteers!