December 2009

Technology New Year Resolutions

As New Year is approaching and many of us are trying to make new year resolutions that will change our lives, I thought of coming up with New Year resolutions related to how I use technology in my classes.  So here it goes…

In 2010 I will try to use New Technologies in a slightly different way. I will try:

1) Not to allow new educational technologies to define who I am as a teacher, but to use technology to become the best science teacher I can be.

2) To be patient with new technologies and not to give up even if the technology does not seem to be doing what I want it to do or what it is supposed to be doing (think tablets, Classroom Presenter…). I will allow myself some trial period.

3) I will be more reflective on how and why I use technology and will try not be suck into “using technology for its own sake”.

4) I will try and use technology to allow my students to take the lead and will not try to dominate the activities (think clickers, tablets. )…

5) I will find people who use technology in creative ways and will learn from them.

6) I will listen to my students and learn from them about how technology helps them learn and what works…

7) I will not get sucked into “cover more = the students learn more” psychology.

OK, let us see if I will be able to stick to my own New Year resolutions. May be 7 is a magic number? Actually, it is my first week of using this blog. Will this technology help me be more reflective?

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