February 2010

Quirks & Quarks on CBC Radio (CBC: Canadian Public Radio)

One of my former students (thank you, Keith) recently reminded me of a radio show that will be of interest to science teachers and to anybody who is curious about the outside world. I like it very much and try not to make sure to listen to every episode. The show is also available online and you can download it from the CBC web site. It is called “Quirks & Quarks” . Bob McDonald (the show’s host) and his crew bring science to the general public in a very interesting and creative way. I think science teachers will learn a lot from them beyond the science content.

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I also wanted to mention that as a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers I am very proud to say that our own Canadian Science Radio show “Quirks & Quarks” was recognized by the American Institute of Physics as an Outstanding Science Programing. Bob McDonald, Pat Senson (show’s Producer) and Jim Handman (show’s Executive Producer) have received an American Institute of Physics writing award in the Broadcast Media Category at the 2008 Summer American Association of Physicists Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bob McDonald has a Quirks & Quarks Blog. Check it out!

And if you are curious to know how it all started and who were the past show hosts, then check the Wikipedia site… Surprised? The show started in 1975 (it will be 35 years young this year). Ok, you didn’t know that David Suzuki and Jay Ingram are Canadians? I guess great people belong to the entire World.  Enjoy the show!

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