September 2010

Technology: Will it change how our classrooms look or how our students learn?

As we are going back to school, many of us keep thinking how technology will change the coming school year. Will it help us make our classes more meaningful and exciting for the students? Will it help us reach each and every student? Will it make our lives more interesting and exciting or will it just overwhelm us? As many teachers and students, I am thinking about it: its challenges and opportunities. I believe that technology has the potential to help us change the world for the better but we have to work on it! Technology is just a tool and it is teachers’ “job” to figure out how to use it effectively in the classroom. And as far as I can see, it is not an easy challenge.

For the past two years, when I was a faculty member at Ryerson University, I have been involved in the HP Education Technology Grant (for tablet computers). You can read more about it here. In the following two video clips our research team summarized what we learned from this project and what we are planning to do in the future. This video was made possible thanks to Anne Petrov, the HP Research Assistant for the Ryerson HP Project who videotaped the interview and created the video clips. I think tablets and Smartboards have even more potential in elementary classrooms…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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